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    "Media Flint has been instrumental in helping us execute on our web strategy. We have found their team to be highly responsive, competent and experts at web marketing and site development. Our web lead flows and ecommerce sales are up and continue to rise since we've started working with Media Flint."
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    "MediaFlint increased website traffic by over 346% in a two month period with a decrease in monthly search investment."
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    "Media Flint's Ad campaigns coupled with their use of Google Analytics allowed us to increase the conversion rate by 70% positively impacting our customer acquisition costs.  As a result we have increased our Advertising budget by 200% with Media Flint."
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    Abacusoft Corp.

    "Media Flint is very dedicated and continues to provide us with an extremely impressive service.  We have found them to be a perfect partner in getting us the best ROI from our Google Advertising Spend."
    Anthony Aquila

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  • "MediaFlint focused our efforts into a well-organized, successful SEO campaign.  Their guidance has been invaluable to our online success."
    Jon Ferris

    "We are very satisfied with the service and continued support we have received. Good customer service is difficult to find but h we have found that and much more. "
    Thank you for everything.

    "Excellent work and very quick, I am extremely happy with the work on my website.
    I am a repeat customer and am just as pleased with the results on my updated site as I was with the first.  Very professional in seeing through the design and implementation of my website."
    Email: anthony At anthonyshort DOT com

    Stanford Continuing Studies Instructor

    Internet Advertising, Search Engine Marketing

    Media Flint is your Internet Advertising and Search Engine Marketing partner.

    Our aim is to:

    • Bring targeted visitors to your website; or bring warm sales leads to
      your business

    • Figure out ways to keep those visitors to stay on your site: Visitor Engagement.

    • Provide techniques to convert those visitors into your clients or
      potential clients (hot sales leads)

    • Track & Analyze the sources of your site visitors and clientele.
      Measure what works and what doesn’t.

    • Optimize the tactics deployed for 1, 2, 3 & 4 above such that your
      web assets deliver consistent and predictable profits.

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