Rocket City Hooligans

Hooligans Raise the CRAIC in Competitions!

As have many fine competitive athletic teams began, so did we - in a Pub!  But, not any Pub - the one and only Maggie McGuinness Pub!!  The idea of forming a competitive team to do right by the Maggie McGuinness Pub and to ensure CRAIC "good times" for all involved, we contemplated over many a round to ensure that we made the proper link of "good times" with athletic competitions and the Pub!

So, how did we make the link?  Well, we had some initial members that were in that late, ardurous planning session with music a playing and drinks a flowing that were also members of the YMCA.  And, quickly the first link was made for the team to participate in athletic competitions!  As the music continued as did the drinks while the CRAIC was raising from the conversation of how great this team would be - we realized the next link.  Before our competitions, we need to design new shirts with a Rocket City Hooligan picture and have a happy hour in the Maggie McGuinness Pub to distribute them.  But, we also wanted to make the link stronger so we thought, why not another happy hour after the event to talk about the event! 

Then we realized that we had linked the team with athletic competitions and the Pub and it definitely sounded like CRAIC, but we needed to make the CRAIC link stronger - so, after much more thought....Warrior Dash entered the conversation!  And, what a fine link it would be - participate in a fun event that has a party at the end of it!! 

So, for the first two years - we have been focused on Warrior Dash and it truly has raised the CRAIC mighty high indeed!!  Now, we have had some of our Hooligans participate in the Color Run that was a lot of CRAIC and we look forward to adding that as a regular event for the Hooligans to participate in.  And, we just had some participate in a tri that had free beer and food at the end - sounds like a might fine event for the Hooligans to participate in as well! 

What is needed to be a Hooligan?  Well, the commitment to have fun and to raise the CRAIC in competitions of course!  But, also - you need to want to be a Hooligan and want to spend time with your fellow Hooligans or, really let's be honest, what's the point!  The only commitment is to purchase a shirt for the specific events the Hooligans will be a part of - the prices are low thanks to the support of the Maggie McGuinness Pub and they make for fun memories but, more importantly, they help us to stand out, be identified, and show our support for being a Rocket City Hooligan!  Oh, and the Pub usually gives members a Hooligan wrist band to have pride through out the year!!

So, that gives you a wee bit about us - a fun group looking to raise the CRAIC in competitions!  If you are interested, e-mail us at:


Rocket City Hooligans 

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